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Dear Sirs;

Arthur from Bacup IT in Siberia has asked me to explain the work they have performed for AOT, Inc. here in the USA. Bacup IT has basically completed 2 different projects for AOT, Inc within the last 2 years.
AOTJOBS which is an Internet recruiting website was voted as one of the top 25 websites in the USA for Internet recruiting.
My Resume Movers, which is basically a system that allows candidates to search for a job to submit their resumes to over 15,000 recruiters directly via Email.

The AOTJOBS uses Linux O/S with ORACLE 8.x and the Apache Server. Bacup IT designed and developed the entire ORACLE database and all graphics, HTML screens and code. They also developed an interface to our Credit Card Processing Center so that we can allow our customers to use VISA, MC, Discover and American Express to facilitate online payments. This entire project took about 8 months and was developed in a very professional manner by Bacup IT. They used the following system to interface with AOT, Inc. project personnel. Both AOT and Bacup IT assigned a Project Manager and ALL INFORMATION FLOW WAS DIRECTED THROUGH the Project Managers. There we NO LANGUAGE PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER and this allowed the successful and timely delivery of the project by Bacup IT. The information flow was via Email daily. AOT defined the specifications and Bacup IT reviewed them and commented upon it with some improvements. Bacup IT started the development and gave us a temporary website to do the actual testing and approval of each Menu/Task item. The testing was done over the Internet. The artwork was emailed to AOT for approval or changes. This project was basically done on a Fixed Price Bid basis. It was completed on time and delivered fully tested and documented on time. We hired Bacup IT to develop Version 2.0 of this project that entailed a lot of additional changes as customers gave us feedbacks. We also hired Bacup IT to manage our LINUX system in New Hampshire over the Internet. As you now there are no bug free systems so Bacup IT provided AOT with a virtual crew of 3 professionals on a standby basis each day to fix any bugs or modifications that came up in the system. We used these professionals for a period of 6 months after the website came up.

My Resume Movers was started after the completion of AOTJOBS. This project was completed in the same way, using the same communication principals as before. Why change something when it works?

All in all I am more then pleased with the results that AOT had with Bacup IT. The engineering help was totally professional, no language problems were encountered and the projects were completed on time at a very reasonable price.

Please feel free to call me in person at the number below if you want to further discuss Bacup IT


Jim Hukvari
Advanced Online Technologies, Inc.